redbull x gopro

redbull x gopro

GoPro doesn’t just sell portable cameras, and Red Bull doesn’t just sell energy drinks. Instead, both have established themselves as lifestyle brands – in particular, a lifestyle that’s action-packed, adventurous, fearless, and usually pretty extreme. These shared values make them a perfect pairing for co-branding campaigns, especially those surrounding action sports.

To make the partnership work, GoPro equips athletes and adventurers from around the world with the tools and funding to capture things like races, stunts, and action sport events on video – from the athlete’s perspective. At the same time, Red Bull uses its experience and reputation to run and sponsor these events.

The official coupling is about creative collaboration, content marketing, distributing video at scale, cutting-edge tech and each player’s ambition to have a burgeoning media company within its respective brand.

Go Pro CEO & Founder, Nick Woodman says the new deal also strengthens the ability of both brands to create content that will go beyond their existing communities and fans. “That’s important because we don’t just want to keep telling great stories to the same audience–we want both brands to be relevant, appealing, and entertaining to a broader global audience,” he says. “We felt by getting together we could do that, specifically, by giving Red Bull access to current GoPro technology, advanced access to new technology like our VR products, and other next-generation devices we’re working on, like aerial capture solutions, so they can sooner create content different from what the world has seen from them.”

Well, the partnership does appear to be a natural fit!