sephora x stabilo

sephora x stabilo

The star of our pencil cases in school, the ubiquitous highlighter Stabilo collaborated with Sephora last year to slip into our makeup bags. The idea? A fun makeup line with an exclusive eyeliner pen.

On the border between makeup and ultra-playful accessory, the new Stabilo x Sephora eyeliner is the most fun felt pen of the moment to add some color and definition to your eyes. According to a description on Sephora’s website, the felt-tip eyeliners were inspired by pocket-size version highlighters Stabilo Boss Mini, and was aimed at bringing a bit of the classroom to the bathroom.

Co-branding comes in many shapes and sizes, says Graham Hitchmough, regional chief operations officer at Bonsey Design. “However, dig a little deeper and it is clear there is a winning crossover of brand and product equities. The neon palette, distinctive design and precision of the Stabilo brand actually plays perfectly into the cosmetics territory and fully supports Sephora’s stated purpose to ‘create inviting beauty and shopping experiences and inspire fearlessness in or community’,” he added. Overall, it is a win-win situation for Sephora and Stabilo.

According to Hitchmough, while the actual sales of the product might not sustain after the initial excitement wears off, both brands will be left enhanced both commercially and in terms of brand affinity and recall.

Adwright’s creative partner, Nafe Tong was of the view that Stabilo’s venture into the cosmetic space generates good PR to showcase its creativity and innovation. Moreover, Stabilo is a familiar brand to youths, hence this encourages the younger audience to start exploring make-up with the Stabilo brand. According to Tong, this may present Stabilo to a new market entry, and at the same time prove to the old-time fans who grew up with the brand that they are truly ambassadors of being “vibrant and creative” and are here to stay.

In addition, Stabilo gets to expand its brand presence to the Sephora audience and gain brand recall too. This is an interesting opportunity to not miss out on, and that he foresees beauty influencers vying to try on this product.

“Perhaps this collaboration also brings childhood aspiration into reality, it really brings a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence to those fun times,” he said.